The best places to fish in Texas (Pt. 2)


Texas prides itself on many distinguishing aspects of its culture, environment, and tradition — one of which being its notable fishing community. Fishing, for many of us Texans, is an integral part of life, as it has been fostered in many of us from a young age. Luckily, this predisposed passion pairs well with a variety of ideal fishing locations scattered throughout the Lone Star State.

Here are a few of Texas’s best fishing spots.


Choke Canyon Reservoir

Over the years, Choke Canyon Reservoir has become a popular spot for largemouth bass and catfish. Specifically, there is a noted abundance of blue catfish, in addition to blue and flathead catfish. Furthermore, the reservoir pairs its strong fish populations with a varying landscape, which includes brushy flats, creek channels, and rocky banks.


Lake Livingston

If you are hoping to make your fishing trip double as a quiet lakeside retreat, look no further than Lake Livingston. This beautiful state park offers not only great fishing, but a variety of places to swim, boat, hike, and picnic. In terms of the former, the main lake houses fish species ranging from catfish and crappie to bass and perch.


Lake Tawakoni

Also standing as a great escape-style fishing opportunity, Lake Tawakoni combines miles of lakeshore with 376 acres of lush forest, providing the ultimate exercise in secluded outdoor adventure.The lake’s fishing offerings are especially promising, as visitors will be able to enjoy a four-lane boat ramp, a fish cleaning station, a fishing headquarters offering rental equipment, and most importantly, a nice variety of bass and panfish.


Toledo Bend

Toldeo Bend’s most popular fish species include largemouth bass, catfish, crappie, white bass, striped bass, and sunfish, reflecting a solid variety of different targets. The reservoir stands as an optimal fish environment thanks to its natural cover, consisting of aquatic vegetation, standing timber, and terrestrial vegetation — a healthy combination of living factors for its equally varied fish population.


Caddo Lake

Like Lake Livingston, Caddo Lake offers a wide range of outdoor activities to visitors. The lake houses over 70 different species of fish, making it a premiere Texas fishing spot. The best part is visitors do not need a fishing license to fish from the park’s shore, making this great opportunity available to everyone. Just make sure you are versed in alligator safety prior to your visit.