Avoid these mistakes to become a better fisherman


Fishermen hit their favorite lakes and rivers with one goal in mind: to put fish in the boat. But, how a fisherman approaches each fishing trip can make or break their attempts to catch more fish. To catch more fish, anglers need to both use their equipment properly and use correct techniques with their equipment […]

Christmas gift ideas for a fisherman


Fishermen rely on many pieces of equipment, accessories, and devices that aid them in their pursuit. There are many items that go beyond just the standard rod and reel needed to catch fish of different species. There are also many items that fishermen like to have along with them to make the experience that much […]

The weirdest golf courses in the world


Golf can technically be considered a strange, unconventional sport — especially when compared to other sports that involve players swinging at a ball. From its scoring system to its etiquette, golf truly stands alone in several aspects of the phrase. However, commentators and players alike tend to overlook and take for granted one of golf’s […]