Five of the hardest fish to catch


Anglers of all genders and generations enjoy spending a day on the water in order to catch a few fish. Many judge success on the number of fish caught. However, others consider the day a victory when able to snag a species considered a trophy fish. There are five different species that particularly pose a challenge.


1) Muskellunge

The Muskellunge or Muskie is the largest member of the pike family and is found in the freshwater lakes and rivers from the Mississippi eastward. Overfishing and their slow reproductive rate keep Muskellunge numbers small. Muskellunge consume a meal and wait until fully digested before feeding again. Once a Muskie takes the hook, they put up quite a fight. The largest Muskie ever caught was in 1949 and weighed nearly 70 pounds.


2) Flathead Catfish

They are found in deep freshwater reservoirs and river across North America having lazy currents and muddy water. As the fish grow quickly, they commonly reach trophy size. The largest flathead caught on record weighed 123 pounds. The catfish prefers solitude and also commonly only feeds at night. The elusive fish are hard to catch as they prefer spending the day in under logs or in holes cut in the side of a bank.


3) Bluefin Tuna

The Pacific Ocean game fish is known to reach 1,000 pounds in weight and measure up to 10 feet in length. Their torpedo-shaped body enables them to glide through the water at great speeds. Their tremendous weight, speed and dexterity make tuna difficult to land when hooked. Catching bluefin typically requires an amply-sized vessel and heavy-duty gear along with experienced anglers on board to assist.


4) Blue Marlin

The blue marlin is another saltwater trophy fish prized for its ability to fight for hours before anglers successfully pull the creature into the boat. As such, catching a marlin requires patience, endurance and stamina. Their mouths are tough, and the fish are large, strong and an unbelievable fighting spirit. The fish must be hooked properly, and anglers must have the right heavy-duty gear.


5) Sailfish

Sailfish are sleek, fast and prefer the ocean bottom. Once hooked, they have been seen repeatedly leaping out of the water and diving to the depths below in an attempt to break free from the line. Their weight and strength require a large vessel and appropriate gear along with a will to hang on for hours.