Avoid these mistakes to become a better fisherman


Fishermen hit their favorite lakes and rivers with one goal in mind: to put fish in the boat. But, how a fisherman approaches each fishing trip can make or break their attempts to catch more fish. To catch more fish, anglers need to both use their equipment properly and use correct techniques with their equipment to ideally land more fish.

Beginning with equipment, the basics for fishing start with the right rod and reel for the job. Rods are manufactured in a wide variety of lengths, action and weight with each being suited for different fishing conditions, fish and baits. Reels also come in an array of styles. Fishermen need to know how they’ll be fishing and what they’ll be fishing for to match the right rod and reel combo.

The line on the reel is also an important factor on equipment. Line comes available in different materials and weights with each style suited to a different type of fishing or sought after fish. As well, having fresh line on a reel is very important as most fishing lines wear over time so it’s important to freshen the line up on the reel at least once per year. Hooks used are also an important equipment option to consider. First, having the right size hook for the fish is important. As well, maintaining clean and sharp hooks ensure proper hook up.

Learning proper fishing techniques will help fishermen land more fish. It is important to understand how each lure casted into the water works. Some are meant to be retrieved fast, some slow, some with a jerk and some with a jigging action. When fished properly, each lure can be deadly in the right situation. Next, learning slackline management is also important. Fishermen need to learn to not allow a lot of slack in the line between the tip of the rod and the lure. Slack in the line prevents a proper hook set and even the inability to feel a fish bit. Last on technique, it is important for a fisherman to know the body of water that they are fishing and where to find fish on any particular day or moment. As the old saying goes, you can’t catch fish where they aren’t!

These are just a few of the many tips to aid fishermen on their quest to catch more fish. By employing these techniques, anglers can be happier at the end of the day at the boat ramp by simply having landed more fish.