5 New Golf Clubs to Get You Excited for 2016


Each new year brings something exciting to golf: new clubs. For any golf nerd out there, seeing the latest and greatest clubs to come out is like being a kid in a candy store. There are a ton of new clubs to get excited about in 2016, but here are the five I’m looking forward to […]

Beloved Analyst David Feherty Parts Ways With CBS


After 19 years, David Feherty has called his last golf tournament with CBS Sports. As Sports Business Journal reported, after Feherty and the network couldn’t agree about the future of his “role on the network’s golf coverage,” CBS Sports ultimately decided not to renew his contract. His work last weekend at The Barclays was his […]

Cecil The Lion

Cecil the Lion

The world is is shocked and confused over the recent news of Cecil the Lion’s recent slaughter. The thirteen year old lion had been monitored, and was a safari favorite for years. Unfortunately for Walter Palmer, DDS, he was unaware of the lions popularity and protection rights before baiting the massive cat out of its […]