5 Tips for Better Fly Fishing


While fly fishing may seem simple, those involved in the hobby know that a good fly fisher never stops learning. There is always a new technique to learn, a new style to try, or even a fishery to investigate. Here are five tips to make your next fly fishing trip your most successful yet.


1) Approaching the Water

Before even entering, take a good look at the water and survey the area.

What many fly fishers don’t realize, is that there’s a chance there’s a worthwhile catch right up against the banks. A hasty fly fisher won’t notice these, so before entering the water, take a good look first.


2) Fish Upstream in Small Bodies of Water

A good fly fisher knows to always fish upstream. This allows a fly fisher to approach trout from behind.

Extremists may advise to crawl upstream, but crouching, moving smoothly, and not allowing a shadow to hit the water is usually enough.

While constantly thinking steps ahead of the fish, a good fly fisher can make some great catches using this technique.


3) Using the Slip Strike

Someone who is heavy-handed may scare away fish when using a light tippet. A simple solution is to use the slip strike. This makes use of only the friction of the fly, and the guides. This tippet never breaks because it makes use of little tension.


4) Big Flies in High Water

It’s simple. Using a much bigger fly or attractor than usual is what gets the attention of a trout in high water.

Colors have a different impact, too. Readers may be surprised to learn black is a good color to use in dark water, with white and brights coming up in a close second. However, patterns that display a lot of movement are the best choice.


5) Casting in Crosswind

If the wind is blowing into your casting arm, face the opposite direction. Now the wind is blowing the casting line away instead. Now casting is done with a back-cast, which can be easily mastered with a little practice.

The best thing about fly fishing is that it never ends, and there’s always one more thing to learn. By following the tips in this post, fly fishers are guaranteed to have their best fishing session yet the next time they head out.